Diet - The Chinese Way


by Maureen Cromey

A Healthy, Long Life through Diet & Nutrition

Chinese medicine considers Diet to be the most fundamental basis of health.  Without a balanced diet our body will not run properly or efficiently.  Worse if the food is wrong for us it will damage us. In addition to the food categories and vitamin content the Chinese diet considers foods to have temperatures and tastes. Foods are used as medicine to balance disharmonies.  For example meat is hot Yang protein and fish is a cooler yang protein. Vegetables are Yin and some are sweeter than others affecting different organs.

Everybody‚Äôs diet needs differ and we can tailor a diet specific to you. We may suggest warmer drying foods if you are sluggish and prone to weight gain or cooler yin foods if you are suffering from headaches and high blood pressure. 

The advice we give you will make you feel better and over the years reap the benefits living a healthy, long and active life.

Chinese medicine seeks to balance out any disharmonies by diagnosing and treating on an individual basis. When you visit your practitioner they will ask you many different questions and check your tongue and pulse. By using acupuncture and herbs they will treat you to restore your metabolism. The food you eat will also be considered as medicine and you will be advised on what to eat and how to prepare it.

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