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Jess Hogan, Health & Beauty Director of Vogue, UK

In a recent article about luxury resort Soneva Fushi, (the castaway desert island in the Maldives Maureen Cromey practices at for a month each year), Jess Hogan discovered Maureen in the spa. "An unexpected surprise was falling head over heels in love with acupuncturist Maureen Cromey, whose healing hands fast-forwarded me to a state of relaxation that might otherwise have taken a week to achieve. Be still my beating heart."

Peter Donohue, Nurse

I first attended this practice in 2002 circa, when as a student nurse I found the prolonged hours on my feet exacerbated an existing back pain.  11 years on and I will use this practice as a first point of call before taking conventional medication.  So much so, I have made appointments for this clinic from Dublin Airport while waiting to board because I knew that the treatment here would sort my back pain.  I would recommend this clinic to anybody seeking acupuncture or TCM let they be attending elsewhere or as a new referral.  Treatment is delivered in a calm environment by competent and confident practitioners who will carry out a full assessment prior to your treatment.  For my part, I will continue to attend this clinic as long as I am in London and would recommend this practice without any hesitation.

Mrs H.P.

A good friend had talked about Maureen and how she had helped her trying to conceive a baby. After I had a stillbirth (at 36 weeks) I was looking for help in terms of physical healing and then hoping to get my body ready and able to conceive and deliver a baby.

I met her soon after this very traumatic event. Maureen really helped me cope with the grief and stress and I could feel the burden lift for a while after her treatment which I had weekly. As the initial trauma eased somewhat then she also talked to me about helping my body get on track to try and have another baby. Conception for me was never easy so this was a double fraught exercise. Her advice as well as the treatment proved invaluable. I came to realise she was in part my counsellor (and I am not one for speaking with others asides from my family and friends) - this came from the few minutes initial consultation and then the treatment itself. She would explain what she was doing and the general aim per session which also helped. She helped me see things that others had struggled to.

I truly believe she was key in me being able to have another baby as brilliantly a year after losing our son I got pregnant. My cycle had become much less chaotic (which had been the case before) - she gave me confidence we could get there. Throughout the pregnancy I saw her weekly. It was a real emotional and physical security blanket as the pregnancy had real risk attached due to my history.

I am delighted to say our daughter was born last Autumn and she has brought delight to our family. I have continued to see Maureen, although less regularly, to help my body recover.

I would not have said I was a likely acupuncture patient, I am fiercely rational so used to think it was not something for me but likely useful for others. Maureen is clearly so capable and is such a great mix of the highly professional yet totally human.

We will be grateful to her for always.

C.R. Chiswick

Both I and my daughter have had acupuncture treatment from Maureen over the last twelve years at various times and for different problems. We have found her help and support both physically and emotionally to be invaluable and would hugely recommend her to anyone who is looking for an alternative path to health and healing.

J. Taylor

Excellent treatment and highly professional at all times. I've been seeing Maureen for over 25years and she's helped me through some tough physical challenges to regain my health throughout that time. Can't recommend highly enough.

N. Pace

I've been under the healing hands of Maureen for +3 months now. I have a number of issues that I never seemed to get on top of ranging from depression to general well balance health. I have found over the short period of time I have been attending a remarkable change in these things. I was unable to see Maureen for 2 weeks and was feeling low and unenergised but after a treatment today am feel completely reset and more comfortable within myself. I am one of the privileged ones whose path has crossed with Maureens'.

J. Lee

I've been seeing Maureen for acupuncture for 7 months for insomnia. Prior to seeing her I was on prescription sleeping pills and sleeping 3-4 hours a night. I am now completely off the sleeping pills, sleeping 7-8 hours a night and rarely have issues sleeping now. I also recently suffered a sinus infection and had severe difficulty hearing and clearing my sinuses. I had acupuncture for my sinuses and they started to clear immediately during the session despite having been on antibiotics for 3 days by that time. Maureen definitely knows what she is doing and I would highly recommend her and the clinic!

L. Hourahaine

I have been seeing Maureen at her clinic for several years now, she has got me through many bad flare ups of eczema, plus two pregnancies and two easy labours (thanks to her). I cannot recommend her enough. She is warm, professional and incredibly good at what she does

F. Llewellyn

Over the last year, I have been treated at Chiswick Accupuncture for chronic back pain after a series of treatments by Maureen I am now pain free and no longer taking any medication. The treatments have a huge impact on my health and wellbeing and on my recommendation Maureen treated my son who was petrified of needles but was reassured enough to treated and really felt the benefit.

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