Acupuncture's ancient principals date back at least 2,000 years and is one of the fastest growing complementary therapies with five components:- Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medecine, Massage, Diet and Nutrition.

Each one of these 5 components of Chinese medicine is a powerful therapeutic tool.  They are used in combination or separately to resolve disease and maintain good health and well being.  The choice of treatment program is decided between you and your practitioner.  There are several factors that determine the program: the condition being treated, personal preference, other medical interventions, treatments and medication, cost and accessibility.

Chinese Medicine supports both physical and emotional health; the Chinese Medicine model never separates the mind from the body.  At Chiswick Acupuncture Clinic, our pragmatic approach of combining conventional medicine and treatments with natural Chinese medicine techniques, allows for optimum results.  

"We combine the paradigms of traditional medicine and modern medicine, taking the best from both, for optimum results for contemporary problems." Founder Maureen Cromey.

Moxa and Cupping

Acupuncture also incorporates treatments such as moxa and cupping. Moxa is a roll of mugwort herb, which (similar to incense) is burnt slowly and held over the treated area. The heat from the moxa stimulates the acupuncture area. Cupping is a process that is generally used for muscular pain and involves ‘using’ the suction from a glass pressed on the area of pain, thus relieving the area in question. 

How Does It Work?

In simple terms, ultra-fine sterile acupuncture needles are placed at points in the body to disperse blocked energy. (The Chinese call this energy Qi.) The fewer blockages you have, the better the flow of energy, the more balance is achieved and the better you feel.

It also stimulates the production of 'happy' endorphins, which are natural chemicals released in the brain. It directly helps by stimulating blood circulation throughout the body, which in turn balances the nervous system.

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